An Introduction to Tablib in Python: Simplify Your Data Handling

Posted by Afsal on 15-Sep-2023

Hi Pythonistas!

Today we will learn about a Python package called tablib. Tablib is a Python library that provides a unified and consistent interface for working with tabular data in various formats, such as CSV, Excel, JSON, and more. It allows you to easily import, export, manipulate, and organize data in a convenient and efficient manner. Whether dealing with simple data sets or complex spreadsheets, Tablib can help you maintain data integrity and simplify your workflow.

Let us dive into the code


pip install tablib

Creating dataset

import tablib

dataset = tablib.Dataset()

dataset.headers = ['Name', 'Age', 'City']

dataset.append(['Guido Van Rosum', 67, 'Harlem'])
dataset.append(['Sourav Ganguly', 51, 'Behala'])
dataset.append(['Dhoni', 42, 'Ranchi'])



Name       |Age|City  


Guido Van Rosum|67 |Harlem

Sourav Ganguly |51 |Behala

Dhoni      |42 |Ranchi

Export data as csv

with open('data.csv', 'w') as f:

As csv file with this data is created.

Load data from a csv

I have created a csv from this link which contains employee data, Now we can load and an print 

with open('employee.csv', 'r') as f:
    dataset = tablib.Dataset().load(, format='csv')


In this post we have learned only the basics in the upcoming post we will learn about data manipulation like sorting, filtering etc.

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