Convert text to speech using pyttsx3

Posted by Afsal on 10-Nov-2023

Hi Pythonistas!

Today we will learn about a library that converts text to speech which is called pyttsx3. Main advantage of this library is it works offline. Feature of this packages are

  • ✨Fully OFFLINE text to speech conversion
  • Choose among different voices installed in your system
  • Control speed/rate of speech
  • Tweak Volume
  • Save the speech audio as a file
  • ❤️ Simple, powerful, & intuitive API

Let us dive into the code


pip install pyttsx3

If you are using linux

 sudo apt update && sudo apt install espeak ffmpeg libespeak1

Single line usage with default settings

import pyttsx3

pyttsx3.speak("I will speak this text")

Basic usage

import pyttsx3

engine = pyttsx3.init()

engine.say("I will speak this text")


Advanced usage

import pyttsx3
engine = pyttsx3.init() 

""" RATE"""
rate = engine.getProperty('rate')   # getting details of current speaking rate
print (rate)                    #printing current voice rate
engine.setProperty('rate', 125) # setting up new voice rate

volume = engine.getProperty('volume')   #getting to know current volume level (min=0 and max=1)
print (volume)                      #printing current volume level
engine.setProperty('volume',1.0) # setting up volume level  between 0 and 1

voices = engine.getProperty('voices')   #getting details of current voice
engine.setProperty('voice', voices[1].id)   #changing index, changes voices to second item in the list

engine.say("Hello World!")
engine.say('My current speaking rate is ' + str(rate))

"""Saving Voice to a file"""
engine.save_to_file('Hello World', 'test.mp3')

getProperty - This will return the current value of the property.

eg getProperty('volume')  this will returns the current volume

setProperty - This is used to set new value to the property

eg engine.setProperty('volume',1.0) , this set new value for the volume property

engine.save_to_file('Hello World', 'test.mp3') - When this code is executed a new mp3 file created with name test.mp3 and content of this file s hello world sound

For more details you can check the full documentation of this library.

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